If you think you, or your child may suffer from Irlen syndrome, and would like to seek treatment, we offer a few steps to help treat the condition and restore proper vision.

We provide 3 testing components required for a complete Irlen package:


Irlen screening test

This is to determine whether or not your symptoms are consistent with Irlen Syndrome. These symptoms could have developed naturally or acquired due to an injury or medical event such as a stroke. The screening is also used to determine if the difficulties you are experience are influenced by colour, and identify which coloured overlay is the most effective against your symptoms. Testing is only suitable for those over 7 years old. If you have concerns regarding a child under 7, please contact me directly to discuss how I can help. Cost: $95 for the screening test and $20 for each overlay. Duration: 45-75 minutes

Comprehensive eye examination

This is conducted at the client’s optometrist of choice. The examination is necessary to check the overall health of the eyes and find out if the symptoms have an underlying visual cause. The optometrist can then determine whether any visual correction is required to achieve a better level of vision. If a lens prescription is required, this can be integrated into the Irlen glasses or contact lenses. For children 15 years old and younger, with a community services card, it might be possible to receive financial support towards this examination. Please ask your optometrist about the Enable Subsidy when booking.

Irlen diagnostic test

This test involves working through a series of tinted lenses to determine which wavelengths of light are producing symptoms. From this information, a unique spectral filter or tinting prescription is created for the client to wear. Just like the screening, testing is only suitable for those over 7 years old. If you have concerns regarding a child under 7, please contact me directly to discuss how I can help. Cost: $175 Duration: 60-90 minutes

Irlen glasses & contact lenses

The frame and prescription lenses will need to be supplied by your optometrist. Once the glasses have been made, I can then arrange for the tinting to be completed. Only certain types of contact lenses can be used for Irlen tinting, but this is a great option for those who don’t like wearing glasses, or who have active lifestyles. *Please note that not all lens or contact lens materials are able to be tinted. Optometrists must be advised that the lenses need to be tinted for Irlen Syndrome to ensure the correct material is ordered. I can provide a letter that outlines this in detail to ensure your lenses are ordered accurately. Cost: The Irlen tinting costs $270

"We are grateful that a tutor suggested getting our son tested for Irlen's after many years of him being in reading recovery groups at school and still struggling.
We have now had both our children tested for Irlen's with Samantha. Samantha has been great to deal with and makes the testing process easy and relaxed.
Since wearing the correct coloured glasses, our children's reading and comprehension improved dramatically. After wearing them for three years, our son no longer needs the coloured lens and can confidently read black writing on white backgrounds with no Irlen's symptoms.
I highly recommend screening for Irlen's because it can make such a big difference in the ability to read and learn."

— Tanya

"I have been bringing my daughter to Sam for years now. My daughter used to be nervous about her Irlen assessment appointments until we started going to her. These appointments are often long and challenging, but of course well worth the outcome. My daughter told me "Sam didn't make me feel stressed out because she gave me breaks and understood it wasn't easy for me". I also noticed how supportive and kind Sam has been during all of the assessments she had done with my daughter. My daughter also said "because Sam wears Irlen glasses herself I felt like she understood me and I felt comfortable with her". I am grateful to Sam for supporting my daughter and making her feel confident. Sam is highly knowledgeable and is always happy to answer my questions. We feel very fortunate to have Sam here in Northland. Thank you Sam!"

— Katy Jane

Girl with Irlen glasses

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