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Let me introduce myself!

I’m Sam –

The Eye Lady.

And I’m here to help! When people begin to explain their symptoms, they often start with “I’m not crazy but …”. They’ve spent years trying to tell themselves that the words on the page aren’t really moving. It’s printed text on a page – it can’t move. Can it?
Well if you’ve got Irlen Syndrome, it really can. And how do I know? Because I have Irlen Syndrome too!

Why Choose The Eye Lady

Understanding and compassionate

As someone with Irlen Syndrome, Sam knows the challenges and struggles having the disorder can bring. You can be sure you’ll be met with kindness, empathy, and understanding.

Simple, guided process

From booking an appointment through to getting your glasses or contacts, Sam makes the process as simple as possible. She will work with your optometrist to take care of everything.

Experienced and qualified

Sam is the only licensed practitioner in the Far North, and as a registered dispensing optician, you can be confident her experience and knowledge – not only with Irlen Syndrome, but with vision care as well.

"We are grateful that a tutor suggested getting our son tested for Irlen's after many years of him being in reading recovery groups at school and still struggling.
We have now had both our children tested for Irlen's with Samantha. Samantha has been great to deal with and makes the testing process easy and relaxed.
Since wearing the correct coloured glasses, our children's reading and comprehension improved dramatically. After wearing them for three years, our son no longer needs the coloured lens and can confidently read black writing on white backgrounds with no Irlen's symptoms.
I highly recommend screening for Irlen's because it can make such a big difference in the ability to read and learn."

— Tanya

"I have been bringing my daughter to Sam for years now. My daughter used to be nervous about her Irlen assessment appointments until we started going to her. These appointments are often long and challenging, but of course well worth the outcome. My daughter told me "Sam didn't make me feel stressed out because she gave me breaks and understood it wasn't easy for me". I also noticed how supportive and kind Sam has been during all of the assessments she had done with my daughter. My daughter also said "because Sam wears Irlen glasses herself I felt like she understood me and I felt comfortable with her". I am grateful to Sam for supporting my daughter and making her feel confident. Sam is highly knowledgeable and is always happy to answer my questions. We feel very fortunate to have Sam here in Northland. Thank you Sam!"

— Katy Jane

Serving Northland

Irlen Diagnosticians

Samantha is a one of a handful of certified and experienced Irlen Diagnosticians in New Zealand. While there are many qualified Screeners across the country, they can only complete the first step in the process towards finding a solution, before referring to Samantha or one of her colleagues. Samantha grew up in the Far North, and takes great pride in caring for those in her community. However, if you live further afield you can find a practitioner in your area by searching the register Australiasian Association of Irlen Consultants.
Do I have Irlen Syndrome?

Irlen Online Quiz

If you’re wondering if perhaps you might have Irlen Syndrome, but not yet ready to commit to an appointment, Irlen Institute International has a self-test which might help you decide your next step.
How does testing work?

Screening vs Diagnostic Tests

Not sure what kind of test to book? Find out about the different appointments available to work out which one you need.

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